Tailored Solutions

Each Emerging Market has its own nuances whether it be banks, taxes, import duties, government, trade agreements, culture, etc. Our team knows these areas well and ensures you do too.

While the cookie cutter approach to business is great for manufacturers and many services, it is a widow maker for companies needing up-to-date information on the political, government, economic, and business landscapes of Emerging Markets.

Livinius Advisory’s ability to provide clients with real-time information across many areas of interest, coupled with customized strategies and tactics, is why many of our clients have succeeded in expanding to or investing in the Emerging Markets of Africa, South America and the Middle East.

By coordinating information from our worldwide network of professionals and on-the-ground experts, we can provide your company with tailor-made strategies, tactics and allies that leverage the current and imminent situations in Africa, South America or the Middle East.

Once you’re invested in or expanded to an Emerging Market, we can also look over-the-horizon to inform you of any developing situations you’d want to be aware of.

The key to our success is that we truly become your “local partner” in these Emerging Markets.

This is nearly impossible to accomplish by most Emerging Market businesses and company “networks” if they are based on another continent and rely heavily on reports and the news, or if they use a “tagged” employee who rotates out of these regions on a yearly basis.

Livinius Advisory also connects its clients with high net worth African, South American or Middle East entrepreneurs who are looking for solid investment opportunities.